TNF #122: I love my job

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…Last week I wrote about the elementary frame conditions one should choose wisely to enjoy flow and happiness within the profession. Today, I am taking a different perspective.

Regardless of how well we have made our choices, often we loose sight of the benefits. They get normal over time and we tend to focus on the next big problem to solve. It is important that we regularly review what runs well in our professional life and not to be overwhelmed by the issue management of day-to-day work.

There is a great exercise to create this level of awareness. Tonight, I will hold a speech to alumni of my former employer. They want to know how I got into my new profession and why I enjoy it. While I prepared my speech and rehearsed it, I became more and more aware of what I love about my job. Strong motivation kicked in.

So next time you meet your spouse or a friend, don’t get into complaining about workload, stubborn clients or helpless team members. Instead, tell them what you love about your current job. If you don’t have anything to say, well, that is probably a case for change. If you can list a few things and make yourself aware of them, they will certainly be a strong motivator and energy source.

Need to run to the alumni event –


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2 thoughts on “TNF #122: I love my job

  1. Yeside Adesida

    Life is like a stage play, you must love what you are doing so you can act well. Whatever we find ourselves doing if we are not motivated by it we had better quit. I don’t just eat to fill my stomach I must love what I eat, I don’t just make friends, I love the friends I make, as professionals our jobs most not only motivate us but motivate the people around us otherwise we might expire on the shelf. This year is year of launching into the deep, I started well and I just love what I am doing even though it is rather challenging.


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