TNF #105: The art of rehearsal

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…Winston Churchill did it, professional musicians and actors do it, TED talkers do it – so why don’t we do it? In TNF #104 we discussed the power of rehearsal. A good rehearsal – when done professionally – will boost the effectiveness of your presentation by magnitudes!

So what is key for a professional rehearsal? Here is a checklist:

  • Plan a decent amount of time for a rehearsal. You may need some extra time for modifications to your presentation after the first dry-run and then do it again!

  • Get the team together when more than one presenter is running the show. Band members may practice their part alone, but every band has to practice together before entering the stage!

  • Rehearse with a proper audience. Get some critical minds who will give you constructive feedback. Don’t just do it in front of the mirror, this is not the same!

  • Remember your words. You must always know the first and last sentence of your presentation by heart! The intro and outro have be fluent and to the point. You can improvise with words inbetween, but never allow yourself a weak start or ending.

  • Keep your technological support idot-proof. At least plan a backup procedure in case something goes wrong.

  • Practice eye-contact on your most important lines, also practice accentuation!

  • Practice how to work the room. When moving during the presentation, set your steps deliberately. Who will you turn to, who will you engage with?

  • Don’t be too hard to yourself. Every dry-run will feel a bit awkward and never close to perfect. You will rock the show when lights go on and adrenalin kicks in!

Taking the rehearsal seriously will get you to a completely different level.

Knock on wood!


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