TNF #052: Anniversary issue

Welcome Professionals…

…to the anniversary issue of Thursday Night Flight! As you can tell by the number in the title, this is the 52nd edition of the best practice blog for top management consultants. This means we have been once aroung the year with it together – week by week. Thank you so much for joining me and all the feedback I received from you. (Mostly in private, though).

When I come home on a Thursday night, I sit down, finish my writing and publish the next post. Quite often, I have collected only some raw ideas during the week and need to formulate the article right before the deadline. The deadline is a good thing, though. It pushes me to get something done each week.


A friend of mine once said: “Why don’t you skip an issue this week? You don’t have to write every week, you are your own boss, nobody expects you to do this every single week.” I guess he is right. Of course, I would like to believe that my audience expects me to write something each week. That there are readers out there who wait eagerly for each issue of the blog. But Google Analytics tells me that most of you look at the blog only from time to time. That’s okay and I hope you like it from time to time.

I actually do it because I promised it to myself. I said I would do it. So I do. Eventually the blog is called “Thursday Night Flight” and not “every other Thursday or whatever”.

You know what? This discipline and consistency feels great. Making the weekly publishing a habit and sticking to the plan is a reward in itself. Each single week it is a rather small step, but looking back on 52 issues around the year makes me feel a little bit proud.

BTW, today is my 40th birthday, which also fits well with the title of this post. Forgive me for being a bit sentimental here. I feel extremely grateful for the last 40 years. Looking forward to more to come.

Stick with me through the next year of Thursday Night Flight!


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