TNF #121: Free choice

Welcome Professionals…

…Let’s face it. The profession as a top management consultant requires an exceptional dedication of time and energy. Bringing solutions to top management’s most pressing problems cannot be an easy ride by definition.

Of course, investing so much of your time and energy can get exhausting over time. It is the number one reason why top management consultants quit. This reason is most of the time referred to as work/life balance – or rather imbalance to be precise.

The happiest consultants in the long-term that I know seem to have an inexhaustable spring of energy. Where does it come from? It has to come from the inside, no extrinsic factor like money or status can motivate for ages.

It is very obvious to me: Their work is fully aligned with their interests and their values. They are feeling real flow in their work. Their job has become a calling.

This is absolutely crucial. Choose your subject areas wisely. They need to match market needs, your abilities and your interest. Choose your clients. You must share the same values if you want to work with them for a lifetime. Choose your colleagues. You will become a bit like them.

It is your free choice, that will determine your success in the long-term!

Choose wisely,


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