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TNF #113: Don’t break the chain

Welcome Professionals…

…today is Thursday again, time for the next Thursday Night Flight post. It is close to my bedtime and I have no idea, no clue for this post. I don’t feel like writing today.

Whatever – there is no way I am going to break the chain.

Two years ago, I took the deliberate decision to write one post every Thursday and have kept my sequence since then. I will not skip an edition just on a gut level. If I quit, it is due to a deliberate thought process.


When I started this series it was clearly an experiment in digital marketing. I had never written a blog before. English is not my native language. I knew that I would struggle and that I would make plenty of mistakes. I decided to go for it anyway. To embarress myself in public and to acknowledge my shortcomings.

I have the sincere goal to pass on helpful experience on best practices for top management consultants. As I do this, I learn a lot for myself. I make myself aware of tips and tricks as I write them down. I practice writing a blog. And after all, I also take an exercise in self-discipline.

This is why it is so important to never break the chain!

Job done!


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