TNF #116: Leaving the comfort zone

Welcome Professionals…

…Top management consultants must explore new frontiers!

No matter how professional as an expert you are, you may want to continuously reach out to new areas, new projects, new clients that are out of your inner circle in order to extend your knowledge, expertise, and influence. This requires leaving the comfort zone and it is always hard to push oneself beyond these boundaries.

I encourage everyone to practice leaving the comfort zone in private and recreational setups. To try something new, learn a new skill or to embarrass yourself in front of friends and family is much more comfortable than doing it in a business environment. By regularly moving the private comfort zone it also becomes easier in extending frontiers in business life.

Therefore, I make it a habit to learn new skills in sports and music and to ridicule myself in front of others like for instance singing in public. The awkwardness of the moment is actually a good tell that I am leaving the comfort zone. Over time, this process builds up resilience to also take risks in a professional context.

Let’s cross the frontiers!


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