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TNF #123: Call an expert

Welcome Professionals…

…These days it has become a habit to look up everything that we want to know on the internet. It is quite easy to type a keyword, a phrase or full question into the search engine, which is available always and everywhere. It is indeed a great invention and it is well-deserved that “google” has become a verb.

While using Google is very convenient, I believe it is rather insufficient or even misleading when we are looking up a topic that we do not know much about and where we do not know which are reliable sources. As top management consultants often have to tap into completely new subjects, I suggest a different method.

Call the expert. Think of someone you know or someone that you can access through a friend, a colleague or a network that is an expert or at least some kind of insider in the field. Get a 101 intro to the subject, the respected sources, key players, concepts, etc. This will lead to a much quicker ramp-up than an uninformed desk research.

The nice thing side effect is getting to know new people and/or refreshing existing contacts. People will be very happy to share their knowledge because every expert loves to talk about his/her area of expertise.

Make some friends and call the expert!


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