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TNF #118: Curiosity and effectiveness

Welcome Professionals…

…I am currently spending my New Year’s holidays in a ski ressort in Austria. Today, we had heavy snow fall, about half a meter of fresh snow. I was sitting in a ski hut, waiting for the sky to clear up when I got into a conversation with a man sitting next to me.

It turned out he was a top management consultant! He had been a partner at Deloitte and was now working in a boutique consultancy focussing on digital advisory. Before we knew that we were both consultants, we quickly figured out that we had a common base of understanding.

The encounter showed once again the common mindset of top management consulting professionals. Above all it is curiosity and a strong urge to use time effectively. This is what I like a lot about our profession.

I wish everybody a good start into 2018 with a lot of curious encounters


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